Welcome to Pewsham Preschool. Our aim is to provide your child with a safe, friendly, fun and stimulating environment that engages them and helps them to develop into happy and confident independent learners.


 Here at Pewsham Preschool we understand that choosing your child's preschool or nursery can be a very daunting and difficult decision to make.

We hope that this website gives you all the initial information that you may need. We would also like to invite you to contact us to arrange a visit so that you can meet our team of friendly and experienced practitioners and take a look around our fantastic preschool room and gardens.

By working together with you from your first visit we hope to be able to provide the care that best suits you and your child's individual needs.

Our Core Values


To show our commitment to continuous improvement, Pewsham Preschool engages in the Bristol Standard Self-Evaluation process which helps us focus on our strengths, and highlight areas in which we may improve.  To be awarded the Bristol Standard Certificate we must each year provide them with evidence of our self-evaluation journey and improvements we have made.

We are now proudly in our eighth year of this process, with our last current certificate being awarded in June 2017, along with these comments from the Bristol Standard Validation Team.

"The Validation panel felt that your submission was thorough and a true celebration of your strengths as well as your progress on the Bristol standard journey. Throughout your submission we could see evidence of how you value parents and engage them in the setting. We also could see evidence of how you are engaging children for example superhero powers. We look forward to hearing about how things develop in your garden.

In setting targets in all dimensions, you have considered how these will benefit the children. The panel also felt that your deeper reflection upon the Amazing Communications document added a deeper level of reflection to your submission. Well Done!"  


Registered Charity Number : 1113870

Member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance  


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