'Thank you for a very comprehensive submission! Your folder is very well organised with great supportive evidence and your benefits for children have been clearly thought through and are pertinent to take children's learning forwards. Your work with parents is outstanding and should be highly commended! Also, your inclusion procedures for children are child-friendly and welcoming.'

BRISTOL STANDARDS award from Wiltshire Council


Parent Testimonals (July 2017)

"It is a very friendly environment with a great variety of activities to do. My daughter often takes a while to settle in a morning but the Preschool let me stay to get her settled and always are willing to help to ensure I can leave her happy".

K Alderman


"I am just so happy both my children had the privilege of attending this fantastic Preschool. Thank You"

E Forward


"Everyone is friendly and welcoming and make you feel part of the team. My son loves it and it's been amazing watching how much he's grown here"

V Shield


"Warm and friendly atmosphere. Children well looked after and staff are brilliant. My daughter loves Preschool days!".

J Bunton


"Thank you all so much for looking after me at Preschool, for caring, teaching, playing and so much more"

H Powell