'Thank you for a very comprehensive submission! Your folder is very well organised with great supportive evidence and your benefits for children have been clearly thought through and are pertinent to take children's learning forwards. Your work with parents is outstanding and should be highly commended! Also, your inclusion procedures for children are child-friendly and welcoming.'

BRISTOL STANDARDS award from Wiltshire Council


Parent Testimonals

“The Preschool is a fantastic place, wonderful staff and large garden and loads of learning opportunities for all the children – we all love it!”

Rachel Punter


“The warm friendly atmosphere. The staff are approachable and we have the opportunity to discuss our child to ensure he enjoys going to Preschool. I would like to say thank you for being so understanding with our child and helping him (and me!) to settle.”

Jill Kelsey


“I like the fact that all the staff are extremely kind, friendly and approachable. Maisie has thrived in all areas of her development since attending Preschool and that is all thanks to the patience empathy and dedication of the Preschool staff.   I can honestly say I have no worries and feel completely at ease leaving our daughter in your safe hands. Thank you so much for all the care and support you have given to Maisie, we think you are all truly amazing. Very happy parents.”

Kate Baldwin


“Fantastic team, setting and facilities! My children are happy and well cared for. I am very happy with everything and feel confident and at ease with my children being there.”

Laura Gough-Karaoli


“The Preschool Ladies are the kindest people I know. They are very good at what they do, and you can tell that they genuinely love working with children and are passionate about delivering the best service to our children. They make Pewsham Preschool the nicest environment for children, without them the Preschool wouldn’t be the same.   My little boy has really enjoyed his time here, he always comes home with a big smile on his face, telling me all about the lovely friends he has made and all the activities he has participated in. I am confident that his time at Preschool has prepared him for primary school and that he will thrive after having gained so many social and practical skills here. I really cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful work and I look forward to my little girl starting preschool.”

Chantal Baker