Our Day


Doors are opened and everyone is welcomed. Parents/guardians will sign their children in. The supervisor and your child's keyperson are available should you have any queries. Children have free play until it is time to sit down for registration/circle time.

Free Play

There is a stimulating selection of play equipment for children to use; each of the seven learning areas from the Early Years Foundation Stage are represented. The areas include construction toys, small world toys, puzzles, computer, creative and mark making media, messy play, role play, dressing up, cooking, book corner, malleable materials and physical equipment such as climbing frame and trampoline. Adult focused activities will also take place, which are more structured and the children are encouraged but not pressured into taking part, because if a child has no interest in doing something they will not learn anything from it. Keypersons will also sit with children to complete activities in their Learning Journey 'Pink Books'.

Circle Time

Children are split into groups of 4-6 for a focused activity. This is where we concentrate on high-quality phonics letters and sounds activities, mathematical activities, colours and personal, social and emotional activities. Children have fun joining in with the songs, rhymes and games.

Snack Time/Lunch Time

The children wash their hands, and sing a 'Please and Thank you' song. We all sit down together to promote good social skills. A member of staff will sit at each table with the children, and we use the time to encourage conversation and listening skills. For snack we provide milk or water, fruit/vegetable and a carbohydrate snack. For lunch we ask that you provide a healthy balanced lunch. We also have food tasting sessions, for example, Diwali, Chinese New Year or food from different countries.

Tidy-up Time

All of the children are expected to help tidy up both the indoor and outdoor learning environment. We tidy up to music and use the Amarillo (Peter Kay) song!

Outside Play

We have free flow of child initiated play from the indoor to the outdoor environment for most sessions. This takes place during all weathers. The children can choose to play indoors or outdoors or a combination of both. An assortment of equipment is available for the children to play with which covers all seven areas of the EYFS framework. We have an outdoor role play house. We also have adult initiated outdoor play, which all the children are expected to join in with. Examples including parachute games, playground chalking, water painting, ring games and activities to develop the fundamental movement skills (FMS) - balancing, hopping, jumping, throwing, catching and running.

Story Time and Music

The session finishes with the children joining together for a story and music and action songs.

Time to Go Home!

Any work that the children have completed will be in their folders, together with any preschool notices or information leaflets. Children are handed over to their parents and signed out one at a time by a staff member at the door.     

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